Step 10. Welcome

  • Configuration starts immediately after reboot.
  • Click Forward.


Step 11. Accept license

  • Click Forward.


Step 12. Create user

  • Create a new user and fill-up the form.
  • You may ignore the Use Network Login for simple user creation.
  • Click Forward.



Step 13. Set date and time

  • Tick Synchronize date and time over the network to enable NTP so your system will just connect to the Internet to synchronize its time. It is more accurate.
  • If you prefer otherwise then manually set them.
  • Click Forward.



Step 15. Share your profile

  • The least you could do to the open source community is to share the details of your system to them. It will help them debug errors and improve Fedora.
  • Choose Send Profile
  • Click Forward.


That’s it!

See my next posts for the post-installation guides like the essential things to install and for more in depth setup specific to your machine.